Bahamas Air Transport Reform Program (BH-L1027)

The Bahamas Ministry of Transport and Aviation (MOTA) and Civil Aviation Department (CAD) retained Consulting services in support of the air transport reform of the institutional framework for the 28 Bahamas Family Islands Airports to meet its obligations as a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Based on the analysis completed, the airports were listed in categories/tiers of airport operations and response as follows:

Tier 1 – Airports are significant Port of Entry gateways for the Family Islands and have economic opportunities to be operationally sustainable.

Tier 2 – Airports have Port of Entry status and provide Customs and Immigration services to Family Islands where there is existing international traffic and/or economic development to support limited or shared services.

Tier 3 – Domestic services only with limited traffic

Caribbean Civil Group as a Sub-consultant provided site assessment services to identify risks and deficiencies with regards to pavement of the existing runways and assist with data collection.

  • Airport Site Assessment and Data Collection Total Infrastructure
  • Duration5 Months
  • CostTBD
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