Development Of A Master Plan For A Commercial Port At Great Exuma

The objective of this study was to develop a Master Plan which provided a framework for future maritime and landside development taking into account future demand, financial viability and environmental and socio-economic issues existing in the community. The Master Plan was to preserve the flexibility necessary to respond to changing conditions. The master plan included the following: framework for long-term planning; ensured compatibility with land use development; preferred development concepts were graphically presented; Minimized potential conflicts between the government and other existing users within land adjacent to the project area; Produced an optimum financial outcome for the Navy Dock Port and surrounding areas; Established a realistic schedule for implementation of the development proposed in the plan; Proposed an achievable financial plan to support the implementation schedule and addressed traffic management and parking issues.

  • Work DoneTotal Infrastructure
  • Duration9 Months
  • CostTBD
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