Lynden Pindling International Airport Expansion Project

The capital expansion project consists of the design and construction of expansion and renovation of the existing terminal building of 585,000 approximate square footage and ancillary facilities, airside taxiway improvements including drainage and landside travel, parking lot, drainage, and landscaping works in accordance with ICAO standards and specifications. The Project was sequenced in phases described as follows:

Stage 1 – Construction of a new US departures terminal and associated apron, pier, landside and airside works;
Stage 2 – Renovation of the existing US terminal plus a new international pier and associated landside and airside works; and
Stage 3 – Demolition of the existing international arrivals hall and construction of a new domestic and international departure and domestic arrivals terminal and associated landside and airside works.

Sub-consultant Engineer of Record responsible for design support, and design review, signing and sealing of civil drawings and reports for airside and landside areas. Also responsible for contract administration and construction supervision assistance of the civil airside and landside works.

  • Airport Design Support and Construction Supervision Total Infrastructure
  • Duration5 Years
  • CostUSD$400 Million
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