North Abaco Port Project

The NAPP area is approximately 328,000 square meters for container stockyard, bulk cargo stockyard and yacht quay service area. Additionally, an approximate 98,000 square feet dredge area for a harbor basin. The port quays included oil product berth, bulk cargo berth, general cargo berth and a container berth totaling approximately 1,732 feet.

The area of road and stockyard is approximately 300,000 square feet. Building structures included: a warehouse; and an administrative building totaling 8,530 square feet in area. The breakwater is of a crushed stone sloped structure totaling 341 feet long. The approach channel is a width of 200 feet and 980 feet long. The dredge works were an approximate quantity of 950,000 cubic feet, including 49,212 cubic feet of channel dredging and a large quantity of harbor basin dredging.

  • Work DoneTotal Infrastructure
  • Duration2.75 Years
  • CostUS$38 Million
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