Caribbean Civil Group is committed to conducting business in a Legal, Ethical, Safe, Socially (LESS) sustainable and responsible manner always. The Company’s Key Social/Environmental and Corporate Performance Indicators are as follows:


  • Employee retention for a minimum of 5 years
  • Employee satisfaction rate must average 60%
  • Employee satisfaction with training
  • Diversity in new CCG hires
  • Diversity in Board of Advisors Appointments
  • Retain a minimum of one female sub-consultant or female led sub-consultancy where possible for scope of works that requires diverse expertise.


  • Make donations to credible charitable organizations at a minimum amount of 2% of gross revenues
  • Employee volunteer time to serve a minimum of two NGOs per year
  • Visit a minimum of three schools per year to discuss engineering profession


  • Maintain energy usage to an average of 2200 KWH per month due to conservation and/or efficiency improvements
  • Number of paper pages used per employee per month average 140
  • Water use per employee per billing cycle average 1860 gallons

Company Impact Reporting

Social/Environmental and Sustainability Practices 2017

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