Deborah H. Deal

For the past 37 years, Deborah Deal, President of Contemporary Builders XIX Ltd., has been a building contractor in an industry traditionally male dominated.  Joking that she was an only child and her father wanted a boy, her passion for building and design started from an early age, as did her respect for the environment.

Over the years, her respect for the environment has worked its way into her career as a builder of “green” homes.  Nine years ago, the company built its first green home in Charlottesville, solar panels and back up batteries as its energy source.  Ms. Deal is also a partner in South Ocean Palms, a “green” subdivision.  Sustainability and energy efficiency being so important in construction both globally and in The Bahamas, her desire is to ensure all Bahamians and residents alike are awarded the opportunity to better steward our country through Best Building practices.

Ms. Deal has sat on the board of the Bahamas Contractors Association, sits on the National Committee of the Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality and also as a director of The Energy and Environment of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC), all in efforts to make a difference, to advocate for better quality and higher standards in the industry which reflect on a better quality of life for all.

From residential to commercial, from new construction to retrofitting, the company and team cover all aspects of the field.  Attention to detail, coming in on budget and on time have been the successful goal of all who are a part of the team.  Over the years, and through a sister company Ms. Deal has also been blessed by experiencing working in the Family Islands from Inagua to Grand Bahama which has given her and her team a lot of insight as to the entire Commonwealth of the Bahamas as a whole.

“If you have passion, a vision and the desire to exceed, take your dream in your heart and your hand and run with it with all your might…don’t stop, don’t look back, don’t second guess, just do it.

…and God said “I will give you the desires of your heart!”


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