Belize Crooked Tree Project


CCG is providing a feasibility study and detailed design for the Crooked Tree Road and Causeway which connects the Crooked Tree Village to the Philip Goldson Highway. The road/causeway is located in the north western quadrant of Belize District on a low-lying island centered on a group of lagoons which are all linked to the Belize River, via Black Creek. The village was originally founded as a logging camp in approximately 1750 and is one of the earliest inland European settlements in Belize. The village is surrounded by the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary (CTWS) (6,637 ha), which was declared a Ramsar site in 1998. The design will address drainage among other deliverables given the causeway’s only hydraulic openings are two single-lane bridge structures each having a 5.5 meter span.  The project is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

  • Work DoneTotal Infrastructure
  • Duration2018
  • CostN/A
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