Airport Gateway Project (Water System), Bahamas

Reconstruction of approximately 6 miles of major highway from the airport leading into a central business district area (CBD). The project encompassed capital works such as the installation and commissioning of a 24 inch potable water main (PVC). Design development and final design of a main trunk 24 inch water main.

Provided total design oversight of the 24 inch potable water main and coordination during the approval process. Provided engineer of record (EOR) services consisting of shop drawing review and acceptance, review and acceptance of pipe and fittings supplies. Provided QA-QC services for the installation of a 24 inch potable water main which tied into an existing Ductile Iron 20 inch main inclusive of all hydrostatic, chlorination and bacteriological testing.

  • 24 inch Watermain Design Oversight and Construction Supervision Total Infrastructure
  • Duration3 Years
  • CostUS$72 Million
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